AW Regulars Suddenly Banned For No Reason

Here are a few examples of AW regulars, who had posted at least 500 times, when they were suddenly banned for no reason, during the past couple of years. This puts paid to Mel/Mac's claim that all the writers banned from AW are 'trolls' and 'sockpuppets.'

The size of the forum is unimportant. We're dealing here with the estimated percentage rate of banning at AW (35%), as compared to most other forums. (2%)

MEMBER                                POSTS                       THREAD                            
Scarlet Peaches                       48,359                        Airlines forbid men from sitting next to....
Wayne K                                   21,681                        Contract Termination
Yorkist                                         1,974                        Kelly's Soft Asylum & Home for Way...
Sarah Dalton                                  927                        Publishing Diary: First Year Sales
RJLeahy                                         568                        Airlines forbid men from sitting next to....
Blarg                                            2,497                        Americans Don't Kill Children...
RobJ                                            2,682                        Something I Can't Understand
Axler                                            1,052                        Cryptozoica illustrated novel ebook
Billythrilly7th                               11,813                        Should We Celebrate Columbus Day
Amsterdam Assassin                   1,734                        Teaching Derail From BWQ
Glutton                                         1,521                        Interesting Article I Found
Paul                                              4,508                        A Place For Off Topic...
Freelancer                                       997                        Derail From Book Promo...
Sarpedon                                      2,702                        Famed Astrophysicist...
Wayne K                                     21,681                        Terry Jones Death Threats
Spookywriter                                 9,726                        William's House of Hate...
Ruv Draba                                     5,114                        The Never Ending Religion...


  1. Anonymous2.9.14

    What do you expect with an illiterate stable hand running things?

  2. Jarred2.9.14

    Banning like that is aggressive and ugly, and indicates a disturbed, schizophrenic personality with a dangerous amount of anger.

    1. Anonymous2.9.14

      Mac's also paranoid big time. She thinks everybody is everybody else.