Kevin McLaughlin Banned

This was Kevin's last post on AW.  He was banned because he didn't go along with the 'let's bash self publishing' mindset that's rabid on that nasty forum. He had posted there 405 times.

Mel/Mac berated both Kevin and Robin publicly, saying among other things:
"Kevin, you and Robin have both been consistently rude, snotty, condescending, evasive, and utterly unpleasant in this room. Yet you feel completely free to insult other writers here, twist and misrepresent their words, and then say that *I* run a board with a double standard because I dare to let people disagree with you?

Get lost. Both of you. Get the hell off my website.

I'm sick to death of the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and outright bald-faced lies that some of you insist on spreading like it's gospel truth. Go start your own damned cheerleader forum where no one gets to post rebuttals, ask questions, challenge assertions, or disagree with your awesomeness and mighty self-publishing guru-ness and wisdom(!!11!), and good luck with it.

But regardless of where you go from here, you're most definitely not going to use my bandwidth to badmouth AW and the community here. Not any more."

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